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Proud Neurodivergent Parent on Neurodiversity Pride Day

Boy in school uniform is smiling.  Background in shades of bright blue and purple shows kite logo stating Neurodiversity Pride Day 2023 and the strapline "What's strong with you?"

Yesterday was #NeurodiversityPrideDay and I didn't do any social media posts because I was at my son's parents' evening.

Adam is #Autistic#ADHD and #Dyspraxic and since January 2022 he has attended Slindon College, a specialist provision for boys with additional needs.

At parents' evening, all of Adam's teachers gave glowing feedback on how well he's getting on and how much progress he has made since joining the school. They even commented that he's like a different child.

What they don't realise is that he was already like a different child, from the moment he set foot in this fabulous school where the environment and every lesson is tailored to support #Neurodivergent boys.

I was moved to tears by so many of the comments and when the English teacher shared this Sonnet that Adam had written about our Boxer dog (a Spanish street rescue dog), I was just blown away by our son's talents, which were hidden previously. Now he is flourishing and what better day to hear all of this than Neurodiversity Pride Day!

Nigel Kerr IEng was sadly on night shift so only got to hear this second hand from me but we both want to say a massive THANK YOU to Sotiria Vlahodimou and her entire team of teaching and support staff at Slindon College for giving our son this opportunity and for making us the proudest parents right now 💜 🧠 ⭐

Like a lion he stalks, like a hare, he Springs A great hound, or like a sneaky fox, he Dashes Sprawled out, like a tigress, his long tail Swings His tail whips around smashing things with Crashes To train him is to be preparing to Spar He springs out so very Spontaneously Mystically he awaits food to Voir He waits to eat Simultaneously Upon the arrival of food, he Eats A wild beast he easily Defeats He was found roaming around endless Streets He defeated soldiers of the Elites The slain of the elite Minority And righteous death of Authority By Adam Kerr


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